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Walnut Creek Social Security Disability Attorney

Social security disability insurance (SSDI) is a benefit program administered by the federal Social Security Administration (SSA) which provides a means of support for individuals who suffer long-term and permanent disabilities as a result of serious injuries or illnesses. While this sounds simple enough, there are strict requirements you need to meet in order to qualify for SSDI, and the application process can be overwhelming. Our Walnut Creek social security disability attorney has substantial experience helping Bay Area residents obtain SSDI benefits. He will guide you throughout the process, and make use of all available options to fight for the benefits justified by your disability.

Walnut Creek Social Security Disability Lawyer for SSDI Claims

For most people, in order to qualify for SSDI benefits you must have received a salary, wages or self-employment income for a minimum of ten years, with at least five of these years occurring in the ten-year period immediately preceding the date you incurred your disability. There are special rules for individuals under age 24 and between the ages of 24 and 31.

At the Sudano Law Firm, our Walnut Creek attorney will help you:

  • Understand whether your serious injury or illness qualifies you for SSDI benefits,
  • Determine whether you meet the employment history requirements to apply for SSDI benefits,
  • Prepare the documentation needed to file a successful SSDI claim,
  • File your SSDI claim, and communicate with the SSA on your behalf throughout the process, and
  • File any necessary appeals – including requests for consideration, administrative appeals, and appeals in the California federal district courts – to obtain the benefits to which you are entitled.

SSDI claims get denied for any of a number of different reasons. However, two of the most common reasons for denial of SSDI benefits are (i) failure to submit all required documentation, and (ii) improper denial by the SSA agent administering your claim. If you have already attempted to file for SSDI benefits without the assistance of one of the social security disability lawyers in Walnut Creek, attorney Brian Sudano will take on your case and use his knowledge and expertise to make sure that your claim receives the treatment it deserves.

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Suffering a debilitating injury or illness is a life-changing event, and you need to address it accordingly. This includes obtaining the benefits to which you are entitled as a result of your years of contribution to the social security system. To schedule a free consultation about obtaining SSDI benefits, please contact our Walnut Creek social security disability lawyer today.